Present Participles for intermediate learners

Present participles are one of the key features of English language. It is a form of verb that ends in '-ing.' In this lesson, we will learn more about them.

"Present Participles" in the English Grammar

What Are Present Participles?

Present participles are a form of the verb that are commonly used among native speakers. In this lesson, we will learn all about them.

Present Participles: Form

In order to create present participles, we can simply add an '-ing' to the base form of the verb. Look at the following examples:

Close → closing

Laugh → laughing

Kill → killing

Now, let us look at some sentences:

I was looking for mom when you called me.

Look at how cute they are laughing.

Spelling Rules

  • When there is an '-e' at the end of the verb, remove it and add '-ing':

Make → making

Bake → baking

  • Whenever we have an '-ie' at the end, simply replace it with a '-y':

Lie → lying

Die → dying.

Present Participles: Uses

Present participles can function as different parts of a sentence. Look at the list below for more clarification:

Now, let us examine some examples:

The revered thought that it is an interesting book. (As an adjective)

I was making some lunch for you. (Forming past continuous tense)

I talked to him while eating dinner. (Participle clause)

Sarah is watching a movie right now. (Forming present continuous tense)


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