In this lesson, we will learn all about the word 'into' which is mainly used to describe movement.

How to Use "Into" in English?

'Into' functions only as a preposition. In this lesson, we will discuss how to learn and use it.

Functions of 'Into'

'Into' as a Preposition

As stated above, 'into' functions only as a preposition. Below, we are going to learn about the kinds of prepositions it can be:


'Into' as a Preposition of Movement and Direction

  • When we want to move something inside another so that it is covered or surrounded by it, we use 'into'. Look:

I want you to put that letter back into the book, Leslie.

The Jonathans are going into the supermarket.

  • When the condition of something/someone is changing, we use 'into'. Here, 'movement' is not physical but rather it is a process of change. Look:

She has turned into a complete lunatic ever since that night.

Here, we can also use 'become'.

Andre Aciman's 'Call Me by Your Name' has been translated into many different languages worldwide.

  • We can also use 'into' when some things/people crash. Look:

My friends walked right into a tree last night.

I hate it when people get so drunk that they bump into strangers on the street.

  • 'Into' also means walking 'straight towards something/someone'. Look:

Harry held up the Marauder's Map into the darkness.

He was looking straight into my eyes and I couldn't say a word.

  • When we suddenly get involved in something, we use 'into'. Look:

The two men suddenly dragged me into their fight.

I got into the Mafia business when I was 11.

'Into' as a Preposition of Manner

'Into' can also be a preposition of manner. Look below:

  • When we want to conduct a research or an analysis on something, we can use 'into':

The townspeople demand an inquiry into the investigation of the crime scene.

My vocal trainer has done a lot of research into training the vocal chords.

'Into' as a Particle

Sometimes, prepositions or adverbs can join with certain verbs to create a complete meaning. In this case, they are functioning as particles. Take a look below:

  • In mathematics, when we want to divide a number by another, we use 'into'. We use the verb 'be' in this case:

What's 6 into 36?

What's 7 into 49?

'Into' as a Preposition of Time

  • When we want to specify a certain point in time, we use 'into' as a preposition of time. Look:

My friends and I read well into the night.

It seems that you have slept well into the evening dear.

Position in a Sentence

As you know, prepositions always come before nouns or noun phrases. Look at the following examples for more clarification:

I saw her walk into the theatre.

Did you say dad crashed his car into a tree?

Idioms and Expressions with 'Into'

We have very few idioms with 'into'. Below, we are going to learn all about them:

  • Be into something: When we want to indicate that someone is very interested in something, we use 'into'. Take a look:

My friend is really into Gothic Literature.

I cannot understand how someone can be that much into Literary Realism.


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