Much vs. Many

Much and many are both quantifiers and they are really easy to learn.



Quantifiers or Quantitatives are a type of determiners that are used with nouns. In this lesson, we will discover their uses, rules, and more in detail.



The word 'many' is used in "many" situations and contexts. In this lesson, we will discover all the details about this word.


Some vs. Many

'Some' and 'many' both are quantifiers. It is important to know where to use them. In this part, we will look at their similarities and differences.


Several vs. Many

Several and many both refer to quantities.


More vs. Many

Native speakers use more and many correctly with no trouble, but they can be difficult for non-native speakers.


Most vs. Many

Since 'many' and 'most' are confused a lot by non-native speakers, let us take a look at them.

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