Most vs. Many

Since 'many' and 'most' are confused a lot by non-native speakers, let us take a look at them.

"Most" vs. "Many" in English Grammar

What Are Their Main Differences?

'Many' refers to a large number, while 'most' refers to the largest quantity (amount or number). So, let us study them by examples to be more clarified.


What Kinds of Nouns Are Used after Them?

is followed by a plural countable noun*.

Did you know many languages?

They didn't have many relatives.

I have many cards. You can exchange them with your marbles.

  • 'Most' as a determiner:

is followed by uncountable nouns or plural countable nouns.

The most water of the earth is salt water.

Most gifts were dolls and chocolates.

She drank the most wine last night.

What about Using Pronouns and Noun Phrases?

Whenever there are noun phrases or pronouns after them, we should use 'of' after 'most' and 'many'.

Most of his worries dedicated to his son's future.

Many of us would like to be on vacation now, but instead we are all at work.

He himself paid most of the expenses of his sister's wedding.

Many of his debts remained unpaid after his death.


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