Some vs. Many

'Some' and 'many' both are quantifiers. It is important to know where to use them.

"Some" vs. "Many" in the English Grammar

What Are Their Main Differences?

'Some' refers to a small amount or number, while 'many' refers to a large number.


Singular or Plural Nouns

  • 'Many':

is followed by plural countable nouns.

  • 'Some':

is followed by singular uncountable nouns and plural countable nouns.

Some jobs are really dangerous.

Many teachers are off in summer.

I ate some ice cream and it made me cold.

Singular or Plural Verbs?

  • 'Many':

is followed by plural verbs.

  • 'Some':

is followed by singular or plural verbs.

Many live in this animal farm.

Some cake was in the plate.

Some books take you to a different world.

What Some and Many Mean

  • 'Some':

means a small amount or number, but 'not many'.

  • 'Many':

means a large number that is more than 'some'.

There are many clothes at store. Some of them are shorts.

Grammatical Functions

  • 'Many' can be:
  1. an adjective
  • 'Some' can be:
  1. an adverb

"Take them to the room!" "They are many, I cannot carry them on my own." → pronoun

"Are you feeling better today?" "Some, I guess." → determiner


Grammatical Functions

  • 'Some' and 'many' are used as:
  1. pronouns
  2. determiners

You can lose weight by some exercise. → determiner

Some of my family members are taking a trip to Miami. → pronoun

"How many friends do you have?" "Many, maybe one hundred." → pronoun

I have borrowed many books from the local library. → determiner

Many of and Some of

  • 'Many of' and 'some of':

are used as a pronoun, before noun phrases and pronouns.

Many of our projects reached a dead end.

Some of the aspects of the job made me discouraged.


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