Such vs. These or Those

The words “such” and “these” are often confused with each other due to their nature of supporting a sentence where similar situations are being mentioned.


Such vs. So Much

Such and so are used as intensifiers. So, it is really important to use them correctly, since they are not used interchangeably. Let us get to know them here.



'Such' is a commonly used word in English functioning as a determiner, pre-determiner, and pronoun. In this lesson, we will discover more about this word.


Such vs. Such A

Native English speakers use 'such' and 'such a,' easily without trouble, but there is a problem for new learners. To tackle that, read this piece.


Such vs. Very

'Such' and 'very' both are intensifiers. So, let us start learning them, in this article.


So vs. Such

This time, we're gonna shift our focus to more grammatically confusing pairs. I'm pretty sure you've come across these two. Shall we?

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