Such vs. Such A

Native English speakers use 'such' and 'such a,' easily without trouble, but there is a problem for new learners.

"Such" vs. "Such A" in the English Grammar

What Are Their Main Differences?

The main difference between 'such' and 'such a' is the noun that is used after them. As you know, 'singular nouns' need articles (a/an) and 'plural' ones do not.


Nouns That Can Follow Them

  • 'Such':

is followed by plural countable nouns or uncountable nouns.

  • 'Such a':

is followed by singular countable nouns.

The little girl is such a matured person. ( Not "The little girl is such matured person.")

I have never seen such terrible accidents. (Not "I have never seen such a terrible accidents.")


Grammatical Functions

  • 'Such' and 'such a':

is used as a determiner before noun phrases to add emphasis to a statement that has been mentioned earlier.

I have been in such beautiful places in my life that I don't have any regrets. → determiner

Such exams would only destroy students' confidence. → determiner

We have had such a great time together. → determiner

I myself love to have such a nice job, but I cannot take it. I cheated on the interview. → determiner


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