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Explore English proverbs that depict haste, including "haste trips over its own heels" and "anger and haste hinder good counsel".







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Behavior, Attitude, & Approach
anger and haste hinder good counsel

used to suggest that making decisions or taking action when one is angry or in a hurry can lead to poor judgment and mistakes

draw not your bow till your arrow is fixed

used to imply that rushing into action without proper preparation or planning can lead to failure or negative consequences

fool's haste is no speed

used to imply that rushing into action without proper planning or consideration can lead to mistakes or setbacks that ultimately slow down progress

hurry no man's cattle

used to suggest that being patient and respectful of others' possessions and affairs is important, and rushing or interfering without permission can lead to negative consequences

make haste slowly

used to suggest that it is important to move forward quickly and efficiently, but not at the cost of making hasty or impulsive decisions

the sharper the storm, the sooner it is over

used to imply that the more intense a difficult situation or problem is, the quicker it will pass, encouraging perseverance and patience in the face of adversity

haste trips over its own heels

used to imply that rushing into something without proper planning or thought can cause more harm than good, and it is better to be patient and deliberate in one's actions

hasty climbers have (their) sudden falls

used to imply that rushing into things without proper planning or consideration can lead to sudden setbacks, mistakes, or problems that ultimately lead to failure

haste makes waste (, and waste makes want)

used to suggest that acting hastily or without proper consideration can lead to wasted resources or opportunities, which in turn can lead to a state of want or need

more haste, less speed

used to suggest that trying to do something too quickly or without sufficient care may result in mistakes and ultimately take longer to complete than if one had approached the task with more patience and attention to detail

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