Gender-Specific Nouns for intermediate learners

Legends say that the famous Dracula was not a Count, but actually was a Countess! Shocking? Here we will look at gender-specific nouns like Count/Countess!

"Gender-Specific Nouns" in English Grammar

Nouns are categorized into three groups based on whether they refer to a man, woman, or non-human.

  • Masculine nouns → referring to a man or boy
  • Feminine nouns → referring to a woman or girl
  • Neutral nouns → referring to an animal or thing

In some languages, gender is a grammatical feature that affects not only the nouns themselves but also the adjectives and verbs that are used to describe them. However, in English, gender-specific nouns are relatively few, and the language does not have grammatical gender.

Masculine Nouns

Masculine nouns refer to a male person. For example:

The actor is tall.

A rooster is in the yard.

Feminine Nouns

gender-specific nouns

Feminine nouns refer to a female person. For example:

The actress is tall.

A hen is in the yard.

Neuter Nouns

Neuter nouns refer to a noun that is neither masculine nor feminine. For example:

The kitten is in the yard.

The director is confident.


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