Nobody vs. Nobodies

Can 'nobody' be used as a plural pronoun? Or it should always be used as a singular noun? Here, we will see if 'nobody' can be pluralized or not.

"Nobody" vs. "Nobodies" in the English Grammar

When Can We Use 'Nobodies'?

Only when 'nobody' is used as a noun, we can use the plural form 'nobodies' in a sentence. Not when it is used as an indefinite pronoun.

We were nothings and nobodies with everything to prove.

'Nobody' as a Pronoun

'Nobody' can both be a pronoun and a noun.
As a pronoun, we cannot use the plural form of 'nobody', i.e. 'nobodies'.

'Nobody' is a singular pronoun and always comes with a singular verb.

Nobody understands what I'm going through.

I keep asking the same question, but nobody cares enough to answer.

'Nobody' as a Noun

However, as a noun, 'nobody' can be treated as any other countable nouns and we can use its plural form with a plural verb.

I'm sure there are more somebodies than nobodies in the world.

I was hanging out with a bunch of nobodies.


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