Another vs. Another One

Actually, there is no difference in the meaning but there is something important for you to know.

"Another" vs. "Another One" in the English Grammar

What Are Their Main Differences?

The difference is only in the function of 'another' in the sentence.


  • If 'another':

is used without any words afterward, it is the pronoun of the sentence. However, 'another' can be used before singular nouns as a determiner.

He put another card on the table. → determiner

One of my hands is empty another is full. → pronoun

  • If 'another':

is followed by the term 'one', then it will be the determiner of the sentence.

I have a lot to do one is to water the plants another one is doing the ironing. → determiner

Let us try another one. → determiner


What They Mean

  • 'Another' and 'another one':

both are used to add additional or alternative information to things that are mentioned earlier. It means that they mean one more of the same kind.

Give me another piece of cake please!

I think we did not use enough eggs. Add another one!

'Another One' and 'One Another'

Note that 'another one' is different from 'one another'. One another is a separate phrase that means 'each other'. When we say: "They hit one another," it means they hit each other.

We knew one another, but we acted like we didn't.


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