Another vs. Other

These two words are a little bit similar in meaning, but with a little effort, you will get the differences.

"Another" vs. "Other" in the English Grammar

What Are Their Main Differences?

'Another' is only used before singular nouns, but 'other' is used before singular uncountable and plural countable nouns.


Singular or plural Nouns?

  • 'Another':

As you can see, the word 'another' is made by [an + other]. As a result, you are supposed to use a singular countable noun after it.

He was angry all the time and it made me nervous. That is another reason which made me leave him.

Add another glass of water to the soup.

  • 'Other':

can be followed by both plural nouns or singular uncountable nouns.

I will sneak out of the school while other students are getting on the bus.

Follow the leads for other information about the crime.

Grammatical Functions

  • 'Another':
  1. as a determiner
  2. as a pronoun

'Another' as a determiner is used before nouns. And as you know, pronouns are used without any nouns immediately following them. So, as a result, 'another' is used alone before verbs.

One of the differences between Paul and Carla is that he is too sensible, another is that he is generous, while Carla is not. → pronoun

This week I will watch another marvel movie. → determiner

  • 'Other':
  • as a determiner
  • as a pronoun
  • as a adjective

As a determiner, 'other' is used before nouns. As a pronoun, 'other' is used without any nouns immediately following it, and it is used before verbs. The point is that we can use 'others' as a plural pronoun. 'Other' can be used as an adjective, after determiners, after verbs, and before nouns.

If I quit studying, others would make fun of me. → pronoun

He goes to English class every other day. → adjective

Besides my best friend Suzy, I have other beloved friends. → determiner


  • 'Other' and 'another':

are similar in their meanings. They both are used to refer to an alternative or additional thing. 'Another' refers to 'one' more, while 'other' refers to 'more than one' more additional option.

He has another friend who works in Chase's, too.

He made some other excuses that I couldn't care less.


We can use a singular countable noun after 'other', but we must have another determiner before it.

Our other option is to stay at home and watch the notebook.

'Other One' & 'Other Ones'

Using both other one and other ones is correct Whenever it is obvious what we are talking about. Depending on the noun 'one' is referring to or the noun one replaces. Remember, 'one' replaces or refers to a singular noun and 'ones' refers to a plural noun. However, using 'other one' is informal and is used in spoken English. The article 'the' is usually used before 'other'.

They have found two of them, and I was looking for the other ones.

One of the causes of her death was her having asthma and the other one was cancer.


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