Which vs. Whom

Which and whom are two commonly used pronouns, using them a lot makes lots of confusion for new learners. So let's not waste one moment and start learning.

"Which" vs. "Whom" in the English Grammar

What Are Their Main Differences?

The key difference between 'which' and 'whom' is that 'whom' cannot be used to refer to things, while 'which' can refer to both things and people. Remember 'whom' is just an objective pronoun though 'which' is a subjective and objective pronoun.


Can We Use 'Whom' as a Determiner?

This is a question mainly asked by English learners which the answer to it is 'no'. 'Whom' cannot be used as a determiner before a noun, while 'which' can be used before a noun as a determiner with no imperfection.

Which course in more interesting to take? (Not Whom course is more interesting to take?)

Which shirt did you buy? (Not Whom shirt did you buy?)

What They Refer to

keep in mind that 'whom' would never refer to things; it can only refer to people and living things. As it was mentioned 'Which' is used to refer to either people or things.

To whom did you send flowers?

Which projector is dedicated to the auditorium room?


'Whom' and 'Which' as Relative and Interrogative Pronouns

  • 'Whom' and 'which':

are interrogative and relative pronouns. So, this can be considered as their similarity. Their meaning can be the same when it comes to relative clauses.

Whom did you play with?

To whom did you send this e-mail?

The boy in black suit, whom I work with, was trying to get rid of an annoying insect.

Which character do you like the most?

The chubby boy, which behaved roughly, is the boss of the office.


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