Post-determiners for intermediate learners

Post-determiners are terms that are used after central determiners. They are all used to modify the noun phrase. follow the article to learn more.

Post-determiners in the English Grammar

What Are Post-determiners?

Post-determiners, also known as limiting noun modifiers, are words or phrases that come after the determiner in a noun phrase to provide additional information and modify the noun or noun phrase.

Post-determiners: Types

There are various kinds of post-determiners. The following list presents some of the common categories of post-determiners:

Now, let us explore numerals and quantifiers.

Numerals as Post-determiners

When numerals are used as post-determiners, they can be categorized into three different groups. Let us take a look at the list below:

Now, let us learn how each category functions:

Cardinal Numbers

The first category is cardinal numbers which are one, two, three, and so on. Take a look at the following examples:

Look! I found these two coins on the ground.

Marry searched the internet and found those three hotels for our trip.

Ordinal Numbers

Ordinal numbers are used to indicate the position or order of objects or events in a series, in contrast to cardinal numbers which indicate quantity. Study the following examples carefully:

This is the third project I'm working on this year.

Mr. Carlos was the first manager of this company.

Quantifiers as Post-determiners

Certain quantifiers, such as 'many', 'much', 'few' etc. can be used as post-determiners in a noun phrase. These quantifiers can be placed after determiners and pre-determiners to provide additional information about the quantity or amount of the noun being described. Take a look at the following examples:

There is so much information on the internet about Marxism.

These few painful memories will be completely erased from your brain.


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