'Nor' may be a confusing word for English language learners. It is both a conjunction and an adverb. In this lesson, we will learn all about it.

How to Use "Nor" in English?

'Nor' is both a conjunction and an adverb. In this lesson, we will learn how to discuss and use it.

Functions of 'Nor'

'Nor' as a Conjunction


'Nor' is commonly used as subordinating conjunction and it accompanies 'neither' most of the time. We use it to negate two ideas in a sentence. Let us learn all about it below:

  • When we want to introduce the second or the last of some negative possibilities. Take a look:

Neither me nor my fiancé are ready to plan our future life.

Here, it is indicating a negative possibility.

Neither Sarah nor her sister are willing to go to the village.

  • When we want to start a negative statement or simply agree with someone in a negative sense, we use 'nor'. Take a look below:

A : I don't seem to follow what he's saying.

B : Nor do I.


Please note that when we want to begin a statement with 'nor', we must change the places of the verb and the subject. Check out the following example:

A : I haven't practiced this week.

B : Nor have I.

Position in a Sentence

When we have two negative ideas, we use 'nor' before the second word or phrase to show that it is negative. Look below:

Neither you nor mom can contact me again.

Here, two words have been negated.

Neither telling me nor apologizing to her is going to change the result, Sally.

Here, 'nor' has been used before a phrase.

When we want to start a sentence with 'nor', we put it at the beginning of the sentence. Take a look:

A : I don't care about her.

B : Nor does she.

'Nor' as an Adverb

If you are interested in reading English Literature, it might be of use to you to know that 'nor' functions as an adverb in some religious texts and means neither. Take a look:

'Nor God nor demon can undo the done.'

This is from the Bible.


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