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Words Related to Linguistics
tactile signing

a method of communication used by individuals who are deafblind, involving the use of touch to feel and understand sign language through tactile sensations on the hands or body


a manual communication system in which individual letters or words are represented by specific handshapes or finger movements, typically used to spell out words, names, or concepts that do not have corresponding signs in a sign language

nonverbal communication

the transmission of messages and meaning through various nonverbal cues, such as body language, facial expressions, gestures, and tone of voice, without the use of spoken or written words

body language

the nonverbal signals and movements that convey a person's thoughts, emotions, and intentions through physical gestures, facial expressions, and posture

home sign

a system of gestural communication that develops naturally within a specific household or community, typically used by individuals with hearing impairments or limited exposure to a formal sign language

baby sign

the use of simplified signs or gestures by infants and toddlers to communicate basic needs, wants, and concepts before they have developed verbal language skills

international sign

a communication system used by deaf individuals from different countries to communicate with each other


the correspondence between the form of a linguistic sign and its meaning, often involving visual or perceptual resemblances that enhance the understanding of the concept being conveyed


the specific configuration and position of the hand and fingers used in sign language to represent phonetic or phonological units

classifier construction

the grammatical mechanism used in sign languages to convey information about the size, shape, movement, or location of objects or actions by incorporating classifiers into the signing space

signed English

a system of sign language that combines aspects of American Sign Language with the grammatical structure and vocabulary of English, allowing for a more direct representation of English language concepts through signs


a movement of the hands, face, or head that indicates a specific meaning

Stokoe notation

a system of written symbols used to transcribe and analyze sign languages, specifically American Sign Language, representing the handshapes, movements, and locations of signs


a writing system designed to visually represent sign languages by using a combination of standardized symbols to capture the movements, handshapes, facial expressions, and body postures involved in signing


a specific gesture, movement, or action that has a direct verbal translation and is widely understood within a particular culture or group

visual-gestural modality

a mode of communication that combines visual and gestural elements, such as sign language, where manual signs and facial expressions are used to convey meaning


an educational approach that emphasizes spoken language and lip-reading skills as the primary means of communication and education for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, often excluding or minimizing the use of sign language or other visual-gestural modalities

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