Several vs. Few

Several and few are similar in their meanings, but there is a slight difference between them.

What Are Their Main Differences?

Both mean not many, but 'several' is in a larger amount than 'few'.


What Several and Few Mean

'Several' and 'few' mean not many. 'Several' means 'some' and it is more in number than 'few'. 'Few' refers to a small number.


Using Plural Nouns

  • 'Several' and 'few':

are followed by plural countable nouns.

I have been in Italy several times.

They have burned the cookies few times before the cooking competition.

Grammatical Functions

  • 'Several' and 'few':

both can be

  1. Determiners
  2. Pronouns

Let me buy few things at the mall first. → determiner

They have read several books. → determner

"Have you ever read any of his books?" "Yes, I have read several." → pronoun

He was in jail, and few believed that he is innocent. → pronoun

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