Several vs. A Number of

These two words are exactly the same. Let us get to know them.

What Are Their Main Differences?

'A number of' refers to a flexible large number that is close to the exact number. 'Several' means more than a few and it refers to a smaller number.


I have read several books during the last year. → determiner

In this example, it means that the books were not a lot, maybe 3 to 15 books.

A number of birds are hunted by the hunters. → determiner

In this example, we don't know the exact number. It refers to a large indeterminate number.


Common Grammatical Rules

  • 'Several' and 'A number of':

They are both followed by plural nouns.

They are both followed by plural verbs.

They mean the same.

A number of fruits are transported.

Recently, they discovered several new methods for teaching.

A number of immigrants are traveling to North America.

My aunt has several skills such as cooking, dancing, and drawing.

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