'Much' is a commonly-used word in the English language and has many functions. In this lesson, we will learn more about it.


Much vs. Many

Much and many are both quantifiers and they are really easy to learn.


Such vs. So Much

Such and so are used as intensifiers. So, it is really important to use them correctly, since they are not used interchangeably. Let us get to know them here.


Most vs. Much

Here in this article, we will make one of the main questions, asked by English learners, clear.


Much vs. A Lot

Much and a lot are used interchangeably in spoken English, but in fact, there is a delicate difference.


Much vs. More

'Much' and 'more' are two different words that are used in different conditions. Let us get to know them better.


Much vs. Most

These words are different, and they are used in different situations. 'Most' is more than 'much'.


Much vs. Very

In fact, 'much' and 'very' are the same in their meanings.


To or Too Much

When we want to say that something is more than necessary we use 'to much' or is it 'too much'?

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