Some vs. Several

'Some' and 'several' are quantifiers, so it is important to know their differences to use them in the right way.

"Some" vs. "Several" in the English Grammar

What Are Their Main Differences?

'Several' refers to a larger quantity than 'some'. However, both refer to no exact number.


Singular or Plural Nouns?

  • 'Several':

is followed by plural countable nouns.

Several houses collapsed because of the fire.

  • 'Some':

is followed by plural countable nouns and singular uncountable nouns.

Some people are looking for money, and some are looking for happiness.

He drank some water and swallowed the bite of his sandwich.

Singular or Plural Verbs?

  1. 'Several':

is followed by plural verbs.

Several trees were cut for Christmas.

  • 'Some':

is followed by plural and singular verbs.

Some kinds of cheese are too salty.

What They Refer to

  • 'Several':

refers to a small quantity, but it is more than 'some'.

There are several cups of coffee, but I can hold only some of them.

  • 'Some':

refers to a small quantity, but it is less than 'several'.

I took some of the candies, but there were several of them.

Grammatical Functions

Besides their mutual grammatical functions, 'some' can be used as an adverb, and 'several' can be used as an adjective (only before nouns).

You need some more practices to get better at math.

They were put into several groups.

Here in this example, 'several' means 'separate'.


Grammatical Functions

  • 'Several' and 'some':

both are used as pronouns and determiners.

Several glasses of water were left on the counter. → determiner

Several of his songs have been nominated for the Grammy Awards. → pronoun

Some parents understand their children very well. → determiner

Some of the countries took over the Corona Virus sooner than the others. → determiner

Several of and Some of

  • 'Several of' and 'some of':

are used before determiners and pronouns.

Several of his duties are related to fashion, but not many.

Some of us would like a cup of tea if you don't mind.

What They Refer to

  • 'Several' and 'some':

refer to an indefinite number.


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