Interactions - Taking Advantage

Explore English idioms that relate to taking advantage, including "fish in troubled waters" and "want jam on it".







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English idioms related to Interactions
to press home one's advantage

to maximize one's current advantage or position of strength in a particular situation

to get in on the act

to take advantage of or become involved in an activity that someone else has started in an attempt to achieve the same amount of success or profit

to fish in troubled waters

to make effort to turn a difficult situation in one's favor

to have one's cake and eat it (too)

to desire to have two things that are impossible to have without sacrificing the other

to know which side one's bread is buttered on

to know the exact way to treat others or how to act so as to get what one desires

to have it both ways

to benefit from two opposing or contradictory situations or options at the same time

to not give sb an even break

to take advantage of someone who is easily tricked instead of giving them a fair chance

to give sb an inch

to treat someone in such a kind and generous manner that they become greedy and ungrateful to one

want jam on it

used to ask if someone wants extra or additional benefits or features, often in a playful manner

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