Compound Adverbs - Place or Extent

Explore English compound adverbs for describing place or extent with examples like "out of sight" and "in a way".









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Compound Adverbs
all over the place

in many different locations or scattered over an area without a specific pattern

out of sight

used to mean that something can no longer be seen

close by

near a particular location or object

out of bounds

in a direction or location that is beyond the established limits

only just

used to convey that something has occurred or happened very recently or narrowly

to some extent

used to indicate a partial or limited level of something

to the extent that

used to specify the degree or extent to which one thing is influenced or determined by another thing or condition

in part

used to indicate that something is true or applicable only to some extent or degree

in some measure

indicating that something has had a partial impact or influence

in a way

in a particular manner or fashion, often used to describe a specific aspect or perspective

to a point that

used to indicate the degree or extent to which something has reached a particular level or condition

within reason

staying within the bounds of rationality

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