Compound Adverbs - Emphasis or Distinction

Explore English compound adverbs for expressing emphasis or distinction, including "needless to say" and "truth be told".









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Compound Adverbs
with all due respect

used to begin a statement that may disagree with or criticize someone while still being polite

by all means

used to give enthusiastic permission or encouragement to do something

needless to say

used to indicate that what is about to be mentioned is so obvious that it does not require further explanation

with that in mind

used to introduce a statement or idea that should be considered because of the information or context just discussed

to say the least

used to indicate that the statement being made is a significant understatement or that there is much more that could be said about the topic

in all honesty

used to emphasize that the speaker is being sincere and truthful in their statement

it goes without saying

used to indicate that something is so obvious that it does not need to be explicitly mentioned

to tell the truth

used to emphasize that the speaker is about to be completely honest in what they are going to say

truth be told

used to emphasize that the speaker is revealing something honestly or openly

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