Nowadays using genders to refer to males and females is not considered common. In this lesson, we will learn about how and what it is.

"Grammatical Gender" in English Grammar

What Are Genders?

Actually, gender indicates the state of being a male or a female. But there are some people who do not consider themselves as either group. Genders are categorized into three groups:

  1. male
  2. female
  3. neutral

What Is a Male?

A male refers to a man as a human or as an animal. Some nouns are considered masculine nouns instinctively. Here are a few examples.

My father spent the whole evening playing with my son.

The rooster protects the flock.

What Is a Female?

A female refers to a woman as a human or even an animal. These words are automatically feminine. Here are a few examples:

His mother has three daughters.

The hen lays over fifteen eggs a week.

What Is a Neutral Gender?

Sometimes we do not know the gender of an animal or person. Sometimes they do not consider themselves males or females. As a result, we say they are of neutral gender. Here are a few examples:

The chicken is running from the cat.

The baby is two months old.

Third Person Singular Personal Pronouns

The third person singular pronoun has three members:

  1. she
  2. he
  3. it

The pronoun she refers to a female, he refers to a male and it is used to express a neutral gender. Check out the examples:

She drinks water a lot.

It is the kindest dog I have ever seen.

Genders in Determiners

Possessive determiner for third-person singular pronouns has three members:

  1. his
  2. her
  3. its

His refers to a man, her refers to a woman, and we use its when we are not quite sure which gender we are referring to.

His mother is an athlete.

Its tail is long and covered with fur.

Gender Inclusive

These days people tend to use words that do not define a particular gender. For example, some jobs contain a male or female title such as postman, which makes it a male job, but there is not any special job that dedicates only one gender; so people tend to change them into neutral gender words. For example:

male female neutral
man woman person
bull cow cow
rooster hen chicken
policeman _ police officer
boyfriend girlfriend partner


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