Ours vs. Us in English Grammar

What Is the Difference between 'Ours' and 'Us'?

What is the difference between 'ours' and 'us'? They are both pronouns. They are both first-person plurals. But they are of different categories of pronouns.

Ours vs. Us

What Is Their Main Difference?

The difference between 'ours' and 'us' lies in their different parts of speech which is the categories into which words are divided according to their grammar. For example noun, verb, adjective, etc.


'Ours' is the possessive form of the subject pronoun 'we'. It shows that which belongs to us. We do not place a noun after it. It always stands alone.

These are Mandy's books . Ours are over here .

'Ours' is the possessive pronoun replacing the phrase 'our books' to avoid repetition.

These books are ours . The books on this shelf are ours .


'Us' is the object pronoun and it is used when we are the object of a verb or preposition. We also use 'us' after the verb 'be' to introduce or identify ourselves (especially on the phone or at the door).

They gave us a weekend to remember .

Come with us to the party . It'll be fun !

Come on , open the door . It's us , Helen and Jerry .

Are They Interchangeable?

So, the pronoun 'ours' and 'us' are not interchangeable. One (ours) is a possessive pronoun that always comes alone. And the other (us) is an object pronoun.

The books on this shelf are ours . → The books on this shelf belong to us .

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