Neither vs. Nether

Actually, ‘neither’ and ‘nether’ are really easy to distinguish. However, since they are really close in their spelling, they cause confusion. Click here.

"Neither" vs. "Nether" in the English Grammar

What Are Their Main Differences?

As you can see, 'neither' and 'nether' have some mutual letters which make them too similar when it comes to dictation. But in fact, their meanings are different however, their dictations are different too. Since 'neither' and 'nether' have different grammatical functions, they are used in different conditions. So, they are easy to use. Just be careful about their spelling.


What 'Neither' and 'Nether' Mean

  • 'Neither':

can have different meanings because it is used in different situations with different grammatical functions but in general, 'neither' means none of the two.

Neither university is good enough to apply for.

  • 'Nether':

means at the lower part or position and as its meaning require it is an adjective.

The nether regions in the city are full of the poor.

Grammatical Functions

  • 'Neither':
  1. As a determiner
  2. As a pronoun
  3. As an adverb
  4. As a conjunction

As a determiner neither is used before singular countable nouns to define them and as a pronoun, it is used before verbs as an adverb it is used to agree on negative statements although the 'neither clause' contains an affirmative verb. As a conjunction, it is used to connect clauses and it is usually followed by 'nor'.

Neither story about their love affair is true. → determiner

Neither makes her happy. Not the singing , not the dancing thing. → pronoun

Me neither. I hate explaining things to others. (in a conversation) → adverb

I am terrible at neither math nor geography. → conjunction

  • 'Nether':
  1. As an adjective (only before a noun).

As an adjective 'nether' is used only before nouns. It means we can not express something by using 'to be' verbs and the adjective 'nether'.

The nether parts of the fridge was broken because of the accident. → adjective

The plant was getting dried from its nether end. → adjective

What Other Things 'Nether' Can Refer to

  • 'Nether'

There is a hell-like dimension in the video game Minecraft which is named 'The Nether'.

There is a sci-fi play that is called 'The Nether'.

The first-person multiplayer survival video game for Microsoft Windows is called 'Nether'.


The only similarity between 'nether' and 'neither' is their spelling that is actually different but some confuse them with each other. So Try not to make mistakes because of the misspelling.


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