Phrasal Verbs for beginners

Phrasal verbs are used very commonly in English, even more so in informal situations. Phrasal verbs consist of a verb and a preposition or a particle.

"Phrasal Verbs" in English Grammar

What Are Phrasal Verbs?

'Phrasal verbs' are verbs that are formed by combining a main verb with one or more particles, such as adverbs or prepositions. As a result, they are known as phrasal verbs. Look at the examples:

Take out the trash, please!

We should figure out the truth.

I save up more money this month.

Forming Phrasal Verbs

using a phrasal verb in a sentence

Phrasal verbs are formed by adding a preposition or adverb to the main verb. Here are the examples:

  • Figure out
  • Make up
  • Pick up
  • Run away
  • Put down
  • Pay back

Third Person Singular Verb

The third-person singular '-s' is added to the verb part of the phrasal verb. For example, you say picks up not pick ups, saves up not save ups. Check these examples out:

She takes off her shoes.

He talks about his teacher.


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