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Discover how English idioms like "day and night" and "once in a lifetime" relate to frequency in English.







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English idioms related to Time
day and night

in way that continues to happen all the time with no stop

(at) all hours

at any given hour, particularly a time that is late

from day to day

used for referring to a frequent change from something to another

nine times out of ten

nearly all the time

off and on

in a way that is not continuous or regular

once in a blue moon

used for saying that something can only happen on very rare occasions

once in a lifetime

used for referring to a very special opportunity that most likely will not be offered more than once to someone

in one fell swoop

in a single action, without delay or hesitation

twenty-four seven

in a manner that is consistent

time after time

on multiple occasions

(as) regular as clockwork

used to describe something that happens at fixed intervals or follows a consistent pattern without fail

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