500 Most Common English Verbs - Top 401 - 425 Verbs

Here you are provided with the part 17 of the list of the most common verbs in English such as "lock", "climb", and "bite".









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Most Common Verbs in English Vocabulary
to lock

to secure something with a lock or seal

to declare

to officially tell people something

to concentrate

to focus one's all attention on something specific

to slide

to move smoothly over a surface

to climb

to go upwards toward the top of a mountain or rock for sport

to react

to act or behave in a particular way in response to something

to comment

to express one's opinion about something or someone

to transform

to change the appearance, character, or nature of a person or object

to bite

to cut into flesh, food, etc. using the teeth

to lower

to decrease in degree, amount, quality, or strength

to invent

to make or design something that did not exist before

to afford

to be able to pay the cost of something

to stare

to look at someone or something without moving the eyes or blinking, usually for a while, and often without showing any expression

to resist

to use force to prevent something from happening or to fight against an attack

to graduate

to finish a university, college, etc. study course successfully and receive a diploma or degree

to compete

to join in a contest or game

to quit

to stop engaging in an activity permanently

to bet

to risk money on the result of a coming event by trying to predict it

to grant

to let someone have something, especially something that they have requested

to upload

to send an electronic file such as a document, image, etc. from one digital device to another one, often by using the Internet

to download

to add data to a computer from the Internet or another computer

to rush

to move or act very quickly

to intend

to have something in mind as a plan or purpose

to accomplish

to achieve something after dealing with the difficulties

to purchase

to get goods or services in exchange for money or other forms of payment

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