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English idioms related to Knowledge & Understanding
horse sense

a person's ability to make good judgments and behave sensibly

to hold water

(of an argument, theory, etc.) to be believable or supported by evidence

gray matter

a person’s ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills

mother wit

natural or instinctive intelligence and common sense that comes from personal experience and intuition rather than formal education or training

against one's better judgment

used when one does something even though one knows it is not sensible

to talk sense

to speak in a clear and reasonable manner

thinking cap

the mental state of actively engaging in thought or problem-solving, often with an emphasis on creativity or generating ideas

to take leave of one's senses

to start thinking or acting in a way that seems foolish

an old head on young shoulders

a young person or a child who talks and behaves like an older or more experienced person would

wise beyond one's years

exceptionally wise compared to most people at one's age

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