Opinion and Argument - Argument and Reasoning

Here you will learn some English words related to argument and reasoning such as "support", "talking point", and "unarguably".









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Words Related to Opinion and Argument

the process of logical thinking or reasoning

to score points

‌to gain advantage over others by doing or saying something that receives a positive reaction, especially in an argument

to score off

to try to prove that one is more clever than someone else by making witty remarks

to signpost

to clearly demonstrate something, especially the way that an argument, speech, etc. will develop so that everyone will notice and understand


‌the process of showing or understanding how something such as a speech or argument is organized or is going to develop

to slant

to interpret or present information with a subjective point of view or bias


someone that is skilled in devious argumentation


the clever use of arguments that seem correct and convincing but are actually false in order to deceive people

special pleading

an unfair attempt to persuade someone by only giving them facts that are in line with one's point of view

to split hairs

to highlight insignificant details or small distinctions between two things


the judge's summary near the end of a trial in court, specifically to remind the jury of the evidence and the main arguments concerning the case

to sum up

to briefly state the most important parts or facts of something

to support

to provide evidence or information in order to prove that something, especially a claim or idea is true

to sustain

to support an opinion, argument, theory, etc. or to prove it's credibility


a type of logical argument that uses deductive reasoning to conclude based on two premises claimed or supposed to be true

talking point

a topic of interest, especially one that supports a particular argument that invites discussion

the balance of evidence

the most probable result or answer obtained from the evidence on both sides of an argument


used to refer to a stage or point reached by a particular process or activity

the thrust

(of an argument, policy, etc.) the main point that shows the main idea or intention of what someone is saying or doing

to start with

used when stating the first and foremost reason that needs to be mentioned or considered


used humorously to show that someone has made a good point in an argument or discussion


(of an argument or claim) impossible to refute or disagree with because of being clearly true


not open to argument or disagreement


in a way that can not be disputed or disagreed with


(of a belief, idea, etc.) impossible to oppose or argue with

to underpin

to back up or form the basis of an argument by providing support


a set of opinions, motives, or ideas that serve as a foundation of an argument, claim, etc.

weak point

a flaw or imperfection in one's character that makes one vulnerable


despite the fact that; even though


used to indicate a contrast between two things

to wipe the floor with sb

to completely beat someone in an argument or competition, particularly in a humiliating way

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