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English idioms related to Success
in action

(of a person) doing something one is trained for or is very good at

in good working order

working or operating correctly and without any problems

in full swing

at the peak or maximum level of performance, engagement, or energy

flash in the pan

a sudden but brief success that is not sustained

dark horse

a person with secret skills or ideas that when become known, they surprise people

fat cat

someone who is very rich or influential, particularly a politician or business owner

to have (got) it going on

to achieve or experience significant success or progress, often with a sense of confidence and positive momentum

late bloomer

a person who achieves success, wealth, etc., at the later stages of life compared to others

be in luck

to be in a situation in which one can have what they desire or need

king of the hill

the person who holds the highest position or achieves the greatest success in a particular context or competition

with flying colors

in a distinctive and very successful way

to carry weight

(of a person or organization) to be exceptionally influential or important


an individual who is highly skilled or experienced in a specific activity or profession

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