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English idioms related to Success
on one's feet

used to refer to a company, organization, etc. that is prosperous and developing rapidly

to regain one's feet

to become successful again after experiencing difficulties or financial problems

to come a long way

to have achieved great success or made great progress

to go from strength to strength

to become more and more successful with the passage of time

to have a long way to go

to be in a place or position where one needs to make a lot of progress in order to achieve a desired result

to land on one's feet

to experience success or good fortune, particularly after a period of facing challenges or setbacks

to make a comeback

to return to a position of success, influence or popularity after experiencing a decline or setback

to pick up the pieces

to make an effort to improve a situation after an unfortunate event or unexpected setback

put one's house in order

to improve a situation or one's behavior for better results

roaring success

a very great success

ugly duckling

an unattractive or unsuccessful person or thing that later turns attractive or successful

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