Truth, Secrecy, & Deception - Depth & Surface

Master English idioms regarding depth and surface, like "more than meets the eye" and "on the face of it".







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English idioms relate to Truth, Secrecy, & Deception
chapter and verse

a report of something with complete or exact details

facts and figures

full and exact information about something

more than meets the eye

used for saying that a person or thing has more of a specific quality than it seems

nightmare dressed like a daydream

a person or thing that looks nice or pleasant but turns out to be very unpleasant or troublesome

poker face

a facial expression that does not reveal a person's feelings or thoughts

on the face of it

used to state that something appears to be true or appealing at first glance

to scratch the surface

to fail to deal with all aspects of a problem, topic, etc.

blessing in disguise

a situation or event that seems problematic or unfortunate at first but later results in something positive and pleasant

bird's eye view

a general analysis of something

to see the forest for the trees

to understand something from a general perspective without getting too involved in details

the devil is in the detail

used in a situation where details need to be closely inspecterd or paid attention to

to dot the i's and cross the t's

to make sure no detail goes unnoticed in compeleting a task

the power behind the throne

an individual who posesses great influence over someone who is officially in charge

in broad strokes

used to say that something is discussed in a general or basic way, without going into too much detail or specific information

with a fine-tooth comb

used to imply a very careful and thorough examination of something, often with great attention to detail and a focus on finding even the smallest flaws or errors

deep down

used to refer to a person's true feelings or beliefs that they may not openly show

the big picture

the overall view or perspective of a situation, rather than focusing on small details

the half of it

used to suggest that a situation or story is more complicated or interesting than what has been revealed or discussed so far

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