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Master English idioms regarding easy tasks, like "make quick work of" and "bed of roses".







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English idioms related to Difficulty
(as) easy as anything

not needing any effort

(as) easy as pie

lacking difficulty and done without putting any efforts

be like taking candy from a baby

to not need any hard work at all

(as) simple as kiss your hand

very simple without involving any difficulty

to not be rocket science

not that complicated or hard to understand, achieve, or do

Bob is your uncle

used for emphasizing how easy or fast something is done

to be (like) child's play

to involve no difficulty

piece of cake

anything that is very easy to achieve or do

with one's eyes closed

without needing to try much

bed of roses

a situation that is easy, pleasant, or comfortable

sweetness and light

a state or situation that is harmonious or free from problems

to get one's tongue around sth

to be able to pronounce or articulate a difficult word, phrase, or language correctly, especially for non-native speakers

to make quick work of sth

to finish doing something as fast as one can

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