Interactions - Mistreatment & Misconduct

Explore English idioms that relate to mistreatment and misconduct, including "backhanded compliment" and "play fast and loose with".







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English idioms related to Interactions
to play fast and loose with sb/sth

to act toward a person or thing without enough care, seriousness, or sense of responsibility

to play Old Harry with sth

to make problems for something or have a negative effect on it

to sell sb/sth short

to not value a person or thing as one should

to shoot the messenger

to put the blame on the person who brings bad news and assume they are responsible for it

to treat sb like (a piece of) shit

to not care about someone at all or have absolutely no respect for them

to walk all over sb

to treat a person poorly by taking advantage of them or ignoring their needs and feelings

to look daggers at sb

to look at a person in a way that shows one hates them or is very angry with them

backhanded compliment

a comment that seemingly praises someone but is actually intended to insult them

to do a number on sb/sth

to seriously affect or harm someone or something, usually resulting in negative consequences

to do sb dirty

to betray someone or cause them harm on purpose, especially when they do not expect it

to throw it over the wall

to pass a responsibility, task, or problem to someone else without addressing or resolving it oneself

to throw sb a bone

to stop someone from complaining or protesting by offering them something that is not of very high value or importance

to send sb packing

to tell a person to leave immediately in a forceful manner

to be out on one's ear

to be dismissed or expelled from a place, job, or position

to leave sb in the lurch

to refuse to help someone when they need it the most

to leave sb holding the bag

to be left in a difficult or embarrassing situation, often without any support or assistance

to leave sb out in the cold

to exclude or neglect someone, often intentionally, from a group or activity

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