Interactions - Betrayal

Dive into English idioms regarding betrayal, like "drop a dime on" and "snake in the grass".







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English idioms related to Interactions
when one's back is turned

used of a situation in which one is busy with something else or is not looking

to throw sb under the bus

to gain advantage at the cost of someone else's suffering or loss

to stab sb in the back

to be disloyal and ungrateful to someone who has trusted or supported one

snake in the grass

a person who has a tendency to deceive or mislead others and is very likely to betray their trust

to sell sb down the river

to be unfaithful or disloyal to someone so as to gain profit oneself

to leave sb in the dust

to not care for someone and leave them all alone

Judas kiss

an act that seems kind but with the intention of betraying someone

to feed sb to the wolves

to make no effort to save or defend someone, particularly when they are being severely criticized or being treated unfairly

to drop a dime on sb

to secretely gather information about a person or group in order to expose them to a person of higher authority, often for one's personal gain

behind one's back

without one knowing or approving

to rob Peter to pay Paul

to take from one source or person in order to fulfill an obligation or debt to another source or person, often resulting in a cycle of borrowing or rearranging debts without actually resolving the underlying financial issue

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