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English idioms related to Interactions
milk of human kindness

the compassion and sympathy that is shown to others

flesh and blood

used to emphasize that a person is just a normal human being with similar feelings or weaknesses as others

to tug at one's heartstrings

to make a strong impression on someone, in a way that they feel a strong sense of love or sympathy for a person

to harden one's heart

to no longer have kind feelings for a person

cold comfort

sympathy, help, or encouragement that is barely enough to improve a person's situation or make them feel any better

in cold blood

in a way that is absolutely cruel and shows no sympathy or mercy of any kind

to kiss it better

to soothe someone who is injured, usually a child, by kissing the injured spot

one's heart bleed

used to convey intense sadness or empathy one feels for someone or something in a tragic or distressing situation

to get sth off one's chest

to finally talk about what has long been bothering or concerning one

have a heart

used to ask a person to stop their unkind or indifferent behavior and offer some help or show some sympathy instead

in one's shoes

in a similar or identical situation to someone else, particularly a difficult or unpleasant one

to one's heart go out to sb

used to show one sympathizes with and feels sorry for someone else's suffering

to strike a chord with sb

to make someone feel strong emotions such as enthusiasm or sympathy

heart of stone

a personality marked by emotional coldness and lack of sympathy

woe is sb

said to show sympathy for a person's difficult or unlucky situation

to touch one's heart

to make a person emotional, particularly by causing them to feel sympathy for someone

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