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Discover how English idioms like "off the rails" and "a sight for sore eyes" relate to describing qualities in English.







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English Idioms used to Describe Qualities
(as) still as a stone

used to refer to a person or thing that is completely motionless

(as) heavy as lead

used to refer to someone or something that is very difficult to lift or move, due to being heavy

(as) light as a feather

used to refer to someone or something that is very easy to lift and carry, due to having no considerable weight

in the raw

(of a thing) in its most natural or true state of existence

a sight for sore eyes

a person or thing that is very strange or unattractive in appearance

off the rails

used to say that something is extreme or exciting

Old Harry

the devil or any character that has similarities to it

snail mail

mail that is delivered physically by the postal system as opposed to email and other electronic means

a bunch of fives

a person's fist


referring to something that is stolen or not in its usual place

to get a hold of sth

to find a thing that one was searching for

to lay one's hands on sth

to succeed in obtaining something

up for grabs

ready to be used or obtained

to go spare

to be available for use only due to being unwanted

crystal clear

(of an object) clear or thin enough for one to be able to see through it

old school

adhering to traditional values, methods, or styles

knee-high to a grasshopper

extremely or unusually small in size or importance

(as) pretty as a picture

very appealing to the eyes

(as) silent as the grave

used to refer to a place that is completely silent or quiet, with no noise or sound at all

(as) American as apple pie

used of someone or something that is seen or considered very normal in America

off the rails

used to say that something is not following the planned or expected course

along the line of sth

in alignment with a specific path, course, or set of guidelines within a given context or framework

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