Danger - Posing a Risk

Explore English idioms that relate to posing a risk with examples like "a roll of the dice" and "swim with sharks".







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English idioms related to Danger
to walk a tightrope

to be in a situation where one has to be careful about every decision they make because even one mistake can pose a great risk

a roll of the dice

used for referring to a risky action that may fail or succeed

house of cards

a situation, plan, system, etc. that is not stable enough to continue succeeding and can easily fail or get out of control

thrills and spills

the kind of excitement that comes from engaging in activities that are dangerous

dangerous ground

a situation in which someone's words or actions must be chosen carefully or else they may cause serious problems

to hang by a thread

to be in a state or situation so critical that even a minor mistake can lead to a failure or disaster

in the fast lane

in a way that involves danger yet is full of excitement and adventure

touch and go

involving risk and uncertainty

on a razor's edge

in a very critical situation where the outcome is uncertain and any sort of mistake can lead to serious consequences

on a knife-edge

in a very dangerous or difficult situation in which a small change can lead to a failure

bear garden

a place or situation marked by confusion or chaos

to lie in wait

to secretly wait for the right time to catch or attack an enemy or prey

leap of faith

an action that involves taking the risk to believe or trust something that may not be true or reliable

to lay sth on the line

to put something valuable or important at risk, often with the intention of assisting or helping someone

to run the risk of sth

to be in or to get oneself into a situation that may result in an unpleasant or dangerous outcome

in harm's way

in a situation where there is potential danger or risk to one's safety or well-being

to swim with sharks

to be involved with very dangerous or cunning people

to spell disaster

to predict a severe, harmful or catastrophic event or outcome

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